You can write an expression and place it in the SELECT list of a SQL Query. For example , you want to display the Total Leaves available for the user from the Employee table. Total Leaves in this case can be VacationHours + SickLeaveHours. Below is the Query include the expression as column and display… Read More

Fresno Node.js Developer Community is hosting an event on the topic “NodeSource @ FresNode.js” on June 13,2016 from Monday, June 13, 20166:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Bitwise South Stadium , 700 Van Ness Ave., Fresno, CA. This event will have two speakers Dan Shaw and Rich Trott who will be sharing their unique perspectives… Read More

When you Microsoft Excel 2016 , you can copy/cut and paste the data on to the following Clipboards Windows Clipboard Office Clipboard When you use the Office clipboard , the data is actually appended instead of completely replaced. This means that there would be multiple items stored in the Office Clipboard and you can easily… Read More

If you don’t want Quick Analysis to be displayed when selecting a range of values , you can disable the Quick Analysis in Microsoft Excel 2016. How to Disable Quick Analysis in Microsoft Excel 2016 ? Follow the below steps to disable the Quick Analysis in Microsoft Excel 2016. 1. Launch Microsoft Excel 2016 and… Read More

When working with Microsoft Excel 2016 , you may get a Quick Analysis icon at the lower right corner of your selection when you select a range of data in the worksheet. When you click the "Quick Analysis icon" , you will see a list of options which you can apply for the currently selected… Read More