Using the Office Clipboard to Paste in Microsoft Excel 2016

When you Microsoft Excel 2016 , you can copy/cut and paste the data on to the following Clipboards

  • Windows Clipboard
  • Office Clipboard

When you use the Office clipboard , the data is actually appended instead of completely replaced. This means that there would be multiple items stored in the Office Clipboard and you can easily paste the items one by one or as a group.

How to use Office Clipboard in Microsoft Excel 2016 ?

You can open the Office Clipboard using the dialog launcher from the Clipboard group in the Home tab.


Once the Office Clipboard is open , select the cell from where you need to copy the data to the clipboard and use "Ctrl + C" shortcut. As soon as you copy the cell value , you should see the Office Clipboard task pane displaying he items that you have copied.

Once you are ready to paste the information , select the cell where you want the information to be pasted and then right click the item in the Clipboard task pane which you need to be pasted and then click the "Paste" button.


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