How to digitally sign a word document in Word 2010 ?

In this Blog postĀ , i will explain what is digital signature and how one can use the digital signature in Microsoft Word 2010 .

What is Digital Signature ?

Digital signature is used to authenticate the information in the documentsĀ  and emails which are in digital format . The digital signatures help to identify the authenticity of the signer and also assure that the content is valid and is not changed after it was digitally signed .

How can i add the signature line in Word 2010 to digitally sign the document ?

1. Launch the Word 2010 .

2. Navigate to the Insert Tab and click “Microsoft Office Signature Line” button from the signature Line drop down

3. The following Message Box will be shown . Click ok to continue . Incase you dont have a digital signature , click Signatures Services from the Office Marketplace to learn about paid and free services . This will take you to the Microsoft Office website

4. This will display the Signature Setup Dialog . Enter the Suggested signer name and the signer’s title and click ok

5. The Signature line will now be inserted to the word document


6. Double click on the Signature line image . This will prompt you to save the word document .Save the word document in order to insert the signature from the Sign Dialog . Select the Image or change the Digital service provider via the change button . and click Sign .

This will Update the signature line with the digital signature




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