How to Auto Archive Email Messages in Outlook 2010 ?

The outlook  might sometimes grow in size as and when you receive hundreds of emails everyday . The Auto Archive feature in outlook helps you maintain  the Outlook pesonal file zine to be smaller by moving the old emails to a different file .

To configure the Outlook 2010 for Auto Archive , follow the below steps

1. Launch the Outlook 2010 from the start menu

2. Navigate to File -> Options

3. Click the AutoArchive Settings Button from the AutoArchive Category.



4. Check the “Run AutoArchive every” option and mention the number days after which the archive process to run and also check the move old items to option incase the old items to be moved to a different folder . When you specify the “permanently delete old items” option  , the old or archived messages would be deleted instead of moving it to different folder .



5. Click “Apply these settings to all folders now” button and Click OK  .


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