Drop Downlist in Excel 2010

A drop down list allows you to enter data into an Excel from a list of data. This makes the data entry easier .

When a drop down list is created , an arrow next to the cell is displayed .You can enter the Data in the cell by selecting the data in the drop down list.

How to add Drop Downlist in Excel 2010 ?

It is quite easy to add the Drop Downlist in Excel 2010 .

To create the Drop Downlist in Excel 2010, first add the list for the datasource .

To create the list for the drop down ,enter the data in a single column cells

B4 – tiger
B5 – lion
B6 – elephant
B7 – dog
B8 – cat

The list can be added from the Data tab -> Data Validation ribbon .
Select the cell / column where the drop down list should be displayed and choose the datasource in the following window.

How to add Drop Downlist in Excel 2010

Now the dropdown list should appear as shown below.
Drop Downlist in Excel


13 comments on “How to add Drop Downlist in Excel 2010

  • Amazing, thanks very much! Can you link the drop down lists? So if i select option A for example, in the next column i can only select options that relate to the answer in the previous column? Hence gathering related information as you progress through the columns… i imagine i might need a macro for this!

  • @Abeer: Try something like this, worked for me. =IF($B1=”OptionA”,ListA,IF($B1=”OptionB”,ListB,ListC))

    But what I want is instead of ListC I want to see ListA+ListB. Any clue?

  • how is this excellent info, all it does for me is show me where this button is. What do i do after the box opens up. Where is a good site at to learn how to use this so call resourceful program. I know if you go to college they probably teach you how to use this fantastic program. But you know what this program is a pain in the butt. Does anyone know of a dummie version that will teach me how to use excel.

  • when I reopen the saved excel sheet, it was disappearing drop down list.Do I need to do the validation of each time open?

  • Can anyone help with this. A user told me about excel spreadsheet, that had dropdown lists in some of the columns. If you click on the 1st cell under one of the titles, the dropdown shows 6 items… If you go to the cell below the 1st, hit the dropdown, there are only 5 items, and so forth..
    XP / Office 2010 works fine. Win 7 / Office 2010, this happens…
    Any Ideas…

  • excellent post. what I need is a drop down that reveals a material such as paint $10 per gallon. primer $3 per gallon that will multiply the results of another drop down menu such as 20″ wheel. so if the paint is 10 and the 20″ wheel uses 1/10 gallon the result would be displayed in another cell.

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