By default , you will see the Terms of Use link in the end of the page (footer) in your DotnetNuke website . You can change the description of the Terms of Use in your DotnetNuke website by following the below steps Login to the your DotnetNuke website with the user credentials Navigate to Admin… Read More

Here’s a small Windows 7 tip that lets you to open the programs that are pinned to the taskbar using the shortcut key Assume , you have the following programs pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7 . Windows Explorer Media Player Interner Explorer Sticky Notes Skype You can use the shortcut key “Windows Key… Read More

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Do you have a Dotnetnuke site where you share lot of code samples and wish to format the code samples ? Here’s a Dotnetnuke extension that lets you add formatted code your dotnetnuke website . The extension is called “FCK Editor Syntax Highlighter”. The FCK Editor Syntax Highlighter for Dotnetnuke 5 can highlight or format… Read More

The DotnetNuke 5 enabled you to add Google Adsense code through the Banner Ads . Below are few steps that you need to follow in order to get your adsense code working in DotnetNuke 5 . How to integrate Google Adsense in DotnetNuke 5 ? 1. Login to your DotnetNuke 5 website with the login… Read More

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